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Unique New Zealand South Island Attractions

1. Aoraki Balloon Safaris – by hot air balloon in South Canterbury

Hot Air Ballooning is the aerial adventure that gives you a quiet and majestic flight, which no other aircraft can offer. It is the ultimate adventure, touched with serenity and romance. Starting with impressive balloon inflation, your seated and mystical flight unfolds.

The Flight

The flights are usually flown towards dawn, when the air conditions are traditionally clear, calm, cool and stable. After meeting at dawn you will be driven in our 4 wheel drive vehicles to a suitable launch site selected by one of our highly experienced New Zealand licensed pilots.

After a detailed flight briefing, you will then be invited to assist the pilot and crew to prepare the balloon for flight. Once aboard the wicker basket, your magical flight begins. The launch is so gentle that you don’t realize you’ve left the ground. The peace and gentleness of the ball will surprise you and the views of the Methven flight are unsurpassed. As you float with the breeze, the scenery slowly changes until, after about an hour in the air, it’s time to land.

The successful completion of the flight is celebrated with a champagne-style breakfast buffet, like a field picnic, usually served by a suited waiter with a silver plate. You will also receive a flight certificate.

What a way to end a fantastic adventure!

2. On Yer Bike! – 4wd on the West Coast

Set amidst a backdrop of lush West Coast rainforest near Greymouth, get ready for the New Zealand Off Road adventure of a lifetime with On Yer Bike! To On Yer Bike! our tracks are a magical mix of mud, water and narrow, winding paths. You will experience the thrill of navigating one of our 4WD motorbikes through rivers, through copious amounts of our famous mud and through puddles that look like small lakes!

There are many photo opportunities in the many beautiful places in the forest. You’ll see tall native trees, birdlife, valley views and maybe some wild deer tracks. You can even purchase a CD of Photographs of your muddy adventure to keep as a memento of your time with On Yer Bike!

On Yer Bike Adventures is now home to the Hagglund! – This is the most extreme way to go off-road on the wild west coast.

3. Ziptrek Ecotours – ecotours in Queenstown

The best framed views of Lake Wakatipu can be experienced on an interpretive guided tour using flying foxes as low impact adventure access. Join us on a series of lines that cross the forest in a way that will never be forgotten. This tour is perfect for families, groups and those who have never ziplined before.

Come join us on our exhilarating zipline (flying fox) adventure over spectacular Queentown! Hop on the Skyline Gondola and then glide through the treetops on a series of flying foxes. Your expert guides will give you an interpretive tour as you “Zzziiiiiip” from tree to tree. Breathe in some pristine mountain air as you venture out on a carefully crafted journey that combines joy, adventure and ecological exploration.

4. Rosco’s Milford Kayaks – kayaking in Fiordland

Find out for yourself why Lonely Planet rated sea kayaking as U the best way to see Milford Sound. Rosco’s Milford Kayaks is New Zealand’s longest running sea kayak company. This is an experience you can count on so relax, choose a trip that suits you and enjoy seeing the real Milford Sound up close and personal from a sea kayak.

Rosco’s Winter Kayaking Experience is simply superb!!

You can expect:

  • The most settled weather conditions are usually in very calm water – ideal for exploring Milford from a sea kayak.
  • Fewer crowds make winter the premium time to visit Milford.
  • The most wildlife frequents Milford during the winter months. Seals, dolphins and penguins can often be seen from your sea kayak.
  • Fewer motor boats cruising in Milford. More peace and quiet – just the splash of our paddles.
  • More photo opportunities are often mirrored as reflections of famous icons such as tall Miter Peak.
  • Less sandflies and usually none. It makes your day in paradise even more enjoyable.

5. Wanaka Transport and Game Museum – museum in Wanaka

With a unique and fascinating collection that has grown to more than 30,000 items, the Wanaka Transport and Game Museum is one of the largest private displays in the Southern Hemisphere.

It is a hugely varied collection that has toys for children including a wide range of Barbie dolls, unusual motorcycles and rare cars, trucks, ambulances, military vehicles, fire engines and airplanes.

The Wanaka Transport and Toy Museum will surprise and delight you, with something for everyone.

6. Wauraurahiri Jet – jet boat in Southland

Wairaurahiri Jet takes you to the southern tip of Fiordland National Park. We start from Lake Hauroko crossing the lower part of New Zealand’s deepest lake, then down the wild, three-class, rock-strewn rapids of the Wairaurahiri River to the sea.

Our journey passes through beautiful unmodified Podocarp forests. We have a short guided nature walk along the way.

Once we’re at sea, we’ll set you off to explore the rugged South Coast while we cook your delicious Kiwi-style BBQ meal. After lunch, it’s back on board for the return trip down the river across the lake back to the starting point. We also involve our guests with our own conservation project that protects our native bird.

7. Maniototo Curling International Ltd – iconic New Zealand activity in Central Otago

The township of Naseby in Maniototo, Central Otago, has become the country’s curling capital with the completion of New Zealand’s first international and Olympic standard indoor curling rink. (Currently the only dedicated indoor curling rink in the Southern Hemisphere).

This new facility will attract more New Zealand curling tournaments and new internationals to Central Otago, an area already synonymous with curling. Curling worldwide has experienced remarkable growth since achieving full Olympic status in Nagano in 1998.

Located in the alpine village of Naseby, just 15km from the Central Otago Rail Trail, this is the perfect activity for people who are halfway through their journey along the trail.

8. Driftwood Eco-Tours – ecotours in Marlborough

New Zealand bird watching and eco-tours.

The Wairau Lagoon tidal estuary in Marlborough is home to more than 90 different types of birds. Royal Spoonbill, Black Fronted Tern and Bar-tailed Godwit are among the thousands that flock here, and it’s easy to see why.

The light is always changing on these calm waters, there is no one around and the food is great. Driftwood Eco-tours offers you the same experience.

You can choose from the following:

  • Full day tours to capture the best time for bird watching and photography
  • Access to private land – you have the place to yourself
  • Tours adapted to your interests and you set the pace
  • Small groups – you or you and your party will enjoy individual guidance
  • Homemade picnics and good wines from the gourmet province
  • Multi-day bird watching tours on request

9. Cape Farewell Horse Treks – riding in the Nelson and Tasman region

“Dono and I are happy that we live in the most beautiful place in New Zealand. We were lucky to have bought our farm about 17 years ago. We started life in Puponga with a “beef unit” (cattle), but moved to horse trekking a couple of years later. It’s a very family-oriented business, and our main focus is to have a great time and give people the opportunity to live their dreams, something that Kiwis don’t understand… who we are. so lucky to live here.”

“I still get a real buzz out of watching a rider who has waited a lifetime to gallop at Wharariki Beach. The feeling is just ‘bloody fantastic’.”

“We are, I think, very proud Kiwis. We believe that we live in the best place in the world. We love the lifestyle that we have created and we have the ultimate job.”

“We look forward to meeting you, and showing you our corner of New Zealand.”

10. Adventures of the Norwest Underworld – ecotours on the west coast

Underworld Rafting & The GlowWorm Cave Tours are adventures in one of NZ’s largest unmodified Cave Systems complete with spectacular creations of Stalactites & Stalagmites and galaxies of GlowWorms unmatched on this planet. Adventure Caving is a full exploration style activity in a superb active sports water cave complete with roping, scrambling, scrambling and crawling.

Underworld Rafting – It is our main activity and the one for which we have developed our international reputation. Underworld Rafting is a very special Cave Rafting adventure where you explore the upper levels full of training before you meet the underground lake to float under the most amazing displays of GlowWorms. You ended the trip by having fun jumping in the Nile Rapids. This is a gentle eco-adventure suitable for those with water confidence, 10 and up. Allow 4 hours.

The GlowWorm Cave Tour – It is a dry passive version of the internationally famous “Underworld Rafting”. On this fully interpreted soft eco-tour, visitors travel by Rainforest Train to the immense GlowWorm Cave System of the Nile River and are mesmerized by the spectacular displays of Stalactites and Stalagmites and surreal galaxies of GlowWorms. This activity is suitable for anyone who can walk unaided on uneven surfaces. Allow 3.5 – 4 hours

Adventure Caving – It’s full-on expedition-style caving at its best – complete with descents, scrambling, scrambling and scrambling. This is a world-class adventure challenge suitable only for those of fit body and mind, 16 years and over. Allow 5 hours

The Nile Rainforest Train – is a short open-car interpretive train ride through the primeval rainforests in the Nile Canyon. You will pass through the filming locations of “The Lost World” and explore majestic caves and karst country. Suitable for everyone, young and old, fit or not so fit. There is wheelchair access. Allow 1.5 hours return.

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