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PS3 Review

PlayStation 3 is the third generation of home consoles from Sony. After the stellar performance of the PlayStation 2 and the launch of its two rivals, the Wii and Xbox 360, the PS3 is in for a tough ride. Sony obviously aren’t worried as their marketing claims the PS3 is a “supercomputer” and has “4D” graphics, with such bold claims I had to pick one up for myself and see if it was true!


The first thing you’ll notice about the PlayStation 3 box is that it’s huge! The Xbox 360 had a pretty big box, but it’s unbelievable since it’s about 1.5 times the size. The design of the box itself is worth noting, as it is quite neat, and on the front there is an image of the console floating with a sixaxis wireless controller, on a black and red background. On the bottom left you’ll see the model you bought, which will have 40GB or 60GB (if you bought an older console), and the bottom right advertises a built-in Blu-ray disc player. To help you carry it home it has a handy carry handle which unfortunately isn’t very comfortable, it doesn’t help that the box weighs 6.5kg and as soon as I got the thing home my arm hurt!

When you open the box, you will notice two cardboard tabs with instructions on how to remove the system. There are two main segments, one smaller segment contains the Sixaxis wireless controller, AV cable, USB cable and Scart adapter. The second, much larger segment contains the PS3 console itself, carefully wrapped in plastic to protect the console’s finish. There is also a (large) instruction manual on the bottom of the box, but I was too excited to read it!


Wow! That was my reaction when I first unwrapped my PS3, it’s almost a work of art! The console is modeled after the older PS2 model, but is much more curved and made of shiny black PSP plastic. The PlayStation 3 is written on the front of the machine in a spiderman font (I have no idea why they chose that, but it seems to work). Also noticeable is the stylish silver band that runs along the disc tray and along the console. Like the PS2, the console can be positioned vertically and horizontally, and the PlayStation icon on the disc tray can be adjusted depending on the position you choose. I decided on horizontal as I didn’t want to risk it falling. At first glance the Sixaxis doesn’t appear to have changed much from the PlayStation 2 Dualshock 2 controller, but upon further inspection you’ll notice the PlayStation button in the middle of the controller and there are some triggers that replace the L2 and R2 buttons.


I was going to do a setup section, but to be honest, if you have anything connected to your TV, you shouldn’t have a problem. The first thing you’ll notice when you turn on the PS3 is the new XMB interface, or Cross Media Bar, which will be familiar to those of you who’ve used a PSP or one of Sony’s high-end Bravia TVs. It’s very simple: you just scroll from left to right until you find the tab you want, then up and down to select the function you want to access. Tabs on the XMB include Users, Settings, Photos, Music, Videos, Games, Network, PlayStation Network, and Friends.

The custom tab is self-explanatory; here you can create new user accounts for PlayStation3. Your account stores all of your personal preferences and saved game data so that multiple users can enjoy PS3 games at their own pace. Once you’re logged in, you can easily switch users by going to the user tab and selecting your username.

The Settings tab is where you set up all your preferences, for example if you bought an HDMI cable for your PS3 you can go here and tell the PS3 you’re using HDMI and then you can choose the resolution you want up to 1080p. Here you can adjust the sound, as well as configure access to the wireless network and many other things, such as the language of Blu-ray movies and control the scaling of DVDs and original PlayStation games.

The Photos, Music, and Videos tabs feature some of the same things. However, there is one unique thing about the photo tab – a slideshow. PS3 renders your shots in 3D and makes them look stylish, perfect for showing off your photos. When you insert an audio disc or a Blu-ray movie, they will be displayed in their respective tabs. If you have a computer with a media center and have configured it, there is an option to search for media servers where your PS3 will display all compatible media. The final feature is a handy playlist where you can save a list of your favorite music and photos for easy access.

The Game tab is where you’ll access your games (yikes!) and manage your game data. Blu-ray games and downloaded demos will appear here with a handy preview, often featuring music and images from the game you’ve selected (it’s similar to the PSP). Downloaded content can also be deleted from this tab if you no longer need it and need more hard drive space. The ability to create a virtual memory stick on the hard drive for PS1 and PS2 games is present, although the PS2 option is redundant on the 40GB PlayStation 3 as it is incompatible with PS2 software.

The Network tab has an Internet browser very similar to the one on the PSP, although the PS3 is compatible with a USB keyboard and mouse so browsing on the PS3 is pretty easy, although if you don’t have a keyboard and mouse you can use Using this controller Sixaxis, you will find that typing in website names can be annoying. The browser has bookmarks so you can easily set up links to your favorite sites. There is an information board that you can turn on, it displays a news bar in the top right corner of the screen, if something catches your eye, you can go to the grid tab and view the story in a full screen browser window. Next you have the Remote Play feature where you can set up your PSP to access your PS3, the only thing that isn’t available via remote play are games because the PSP doesn’t have enough buttons, this is really neat as it can be set up to work via Internet so you can potentially access all your media from any internet connection. The last feature is House Folding, a project created by Stanford University to treat cancer by folding proteins, this is optional and not preloaded on the PS3. If you want to use the build at home, it’s a quick 50MB download.

The PlayStation Network tab is where you go when you want to set up your PS3 for online gaming. After a short registration where you choose your online name, avatar and enter your details, you’re ready to go. Once you’ve done this, you’ll access the account management feature where you can change your details if you’ve entered them incorrectly and change your avatar. The PlayStation Store is also here where you can download demos, trailers, themes and even full versions of games for your PS3. However, if you want to buy full games, you will need to enter your credit card information.

The last tab is the Friends tab, here you can manage your friends list. You can add friends, set up a block list, view players you’ve met online, start online chats with friends, view the message box, and of course, view the status of your friends online. You have tons of ways to communicate, the voice chat feature is great and you can have multi-user chats that also have the ability to share photos, there’s also a built-in crazy tone switch and you can make your voice sound really deep or really high. If you prefer to text, you can send text messages, for example, in a mobile phone, the PS3 has built-in smart text, which is convenient for writing messages quickly.

Other things worth mentioning is the Sixaxis controller, it’s now wireless, super lightweight and has a built-in motion sensor. This is used in most PS3 games with varying degrees of success. It also charges using the included USB cable. As an Xbox 360 owner, I’m used to the sound of a small power plant in my room when I use it, I was delighted to find that the PS3 is virtually silent even while playing, which is very nice. The Blu Ray drive is also a great thing as now I can watch HD movies without having to buy a separate Blu Ray player which can cost up to £500. What Blu Ray means for games is that they can be filled with more content, as Blu Ray disc has a lot more space compared to a standard DVD.


Games are what make a gaming console, so even with all these features, a console wouldn’t be complete without great games. PlayStation3 is slowly building a library of quality games in every genre. The PS3 now has a pretty solid lineup of titles, including Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction, which is a great explosive new game in the series that features some of the funnest platforming around, Heavenly Sword, a solid action game with insanely detailed characters, and animation. , Warhawk, a 32-player online battle-style shooter, Motorstorm, a dirty racing game, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, a Tomb Raider-style adventure with a Gears of War-style shootout, Resistance Fall of Man, a great FPS with a great single-player campaign. as a reliable online mode. These are exclusive titles and there are plenty of other great cross-platform games on the PS3. PSN downloadable games are also good as they are easy to pick up and play like Calling all Cars and Super Stardust HD. With the promise of more great exclusive games like Star Ocean 4, Killzone 2, PlayStation Home, Little Big Planet, Gran Turismo 5, Final Fantasy XIII and Metal Gear Solid 4, the future of PS3 looks bright!


The PS3 is far from perfect and has some pretty annoying issues. If you download the demo version or the full game from the store or even play the retail game you have to wait about 10 more minutes for it to install, I guess it downloads some data to the hard drive to improve load times etc . but it’s still annoying. For those of you with a 1080i HDTV, the PS3 doesn’t have a proper scalar and will degrade the picture quality to standard definition, which is a real disappointment and requires a new TV. Another annoyance is the lack of any way to display your PS3 in HD out of the box, Sony advertises it as the only ‘true’ HD console, this is really disappointing and requires you to spend an extra £20 on an HDMI or component cable. Also, the Sixaxis wireless controller doesn’t have sound, which you really miss, especially in driving games and shooters, due to Sony’s Immersion lawsuit, thankfully this has been resolved and we were promised a DualShock 3, but that means even more money, but if you don’t already have a second controller, it might be wise to wait. Last thing is the lack of backwards compatibility, originally it was on the 60GB model but to cut costs (for them) they removed it from the 40GB model. It’s not a problem for PlayStation newbies, but for people like me who bought 50+ PS2 games, it’s really annoying because it means I have to keep my old PS2.


A 40GB PlayStation 3 costs £300 on its own, but there are plenty of bundles that will get you games and extra controllers for a bit more. I bought a PS3 with Ratchet and Clank and Warhawk for £330 from Game. If you have an HDTV, be sure to get the right cable so you can see your PS3 at its best. A wide range of accessories are available, from BluRay remotes to PS2 controller adapters, priced from £10-£30. Compared to its main competitor, the Xbox 360, the PS3 is slightly (£50 more than the Xbox Premium bundle) more expensive, but has a lot more standard features, so it’s worth the extra cost in my opinion.

However, some good deals are available at


If you’re looking for a stylish, modern gaming console and enjoy the odd movie every now and then, the PS3 will fit your needs perfectly. If you’re just a gamer who already owns an Xbox 360, it might be wise to wait a little longer until some of the bigger titles come out with a rumbling controller! 4/5

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